Full Box SET Mixologie USA Tiny Try Me Perfume Blending Kit 0.5ml x 10 Bottles

Product Description


  • Mixologie


  • United States


  • 0.5ml x 10 Bottles
  • Sultry (wild musk) 0.5ml x 1
  • Assured (natural) 0.5ml x 1
  • Daring (spiked punch) 0.5ml x 1
  • Electric (citrus twist) 0.5ml x 1
  • Inspired (rose floral) 0.5ml x 1
  • Free (ocean mist) 0.5ml x 1
  • Soulful (sheer amber) 0.5ml x 1
  • Tempted (coconut kiss) 0.5ml x 1
  • Tenacious (crisp vanilla) 0.5ml x 1
  • Tender (fruity) 0.5ml x 1


  • Trial size versions of all 10 Mixologie fragrances! Your chance to try them all!
  • Did you know that you can mix different scents together to create a custom blend?  It's like a "mini" perfume lab in a box!  Don't worry, you can't go wrong -- they all smell great together.
  • Once you discover your favorites, you can get them in the full size (but travel-friendly) roll-ons!
  • Ingredients:  Dipropylene Glycol, Fragrance Oils.

How to use:

  • Spray a proper amount onto dry skin & hair after shower.

Vendor : Mixologie