Norfolk Natural Living UK Handmade Lavender Spray (Fabric Garment Refresher) 300ml

Product Description
HK$119.00 HK$259.00


  • Norfolk Natural Living


  • United Kingdom


  • 300ml


  • Linen and Garment refreshing spritz is a wonderful addition to your laundry arsenal.
  • Handmade on the Norfolk coast and inspired by the freshness of the English countryside.
  • Natural formula has antibacterial properties, designed to neutralise odours when gently misted over garments or bedding between washes.
  • Safe for use around pets, children and those with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Which Hazel - a naturally antibacterial plant extract. Witch Hazel essential oils are easy to extract, which makes it an ingredient with minimal environmental impact.

How to use:

  • Spray a proper amount on the desired area or fabric anytime you need.