Self Goddess USA Divine Feminine Botanical Crystal Perfume Oil (Embodies Love) 30ml

Product Description


  • Self Goddess


  • United States


  • 30ml
  • Crystal infused , Moon stone infused, Labradorite infused
  • Infused with 528 hz frequencies
  • Made with high vibrations and intention
  • Blessed and cleansed with palo santo


    • Embodies love
    • Gentle nurturing and protective energies
    • Relieves stress, reduces anxiety & depression
    • Renews the spirit


    • The Divine Feminine all natural, botanical perfume oil was inspired to reconnect us back to our soul essence.
    • The intentionally curated selections of floral and herb essences were specifically blended together to awaken the Goddess consciousness.
    • This herb and floral perfume oil was inspired to step into the truth of who you are and invoking the energies of your feminine energy.
    • Helps you connect to your inner beauty. It is infused with labradorite and moonstone crystals to amplify the energies.
    • Allowing you to embody deep love and compassionate energy.
    • Activate your feminine energy, you are tuning into your intuition and honoring your emotions.

    Crystal Infused Healing Properties:

    • Stone of magic + transformation + protection
    • Strengthens intuition and awakening to your inner and most deepest consciousness
    • Revealing truth behind illusions
    • Banishes fear and insecurities & strengthens trust in the Universe

    Moon Stone Infused Healing Properties:

    • Cultivate compassion and empathy
    • Represents the divine feminine
    • Space of sacred peace, harmony and flow
    • Getting in touch with your emotionsAssists in believing in your own worth

    Spiritual Juniper Benefits:

    • Cleansing, protecting, purifying the body, mind, and environment (spaces)
    • Calming + relaxing on the nerves
    • Great for manifestation and & love magic

    Spiritual Rose Benefits:

    • Embodies love
    • Strengthen and balance the heart chakra
    • Relieves stress, reduces anxiety & depression
    • Improve mood & confidence
    • Assists in helping you bring out positive energies from your heart to connect with yourself and others in a deep way

    Spiritual Geranium Benefits:

    • Warm, comforting & harmonizing properties
    • Encompasses feminine energy
    • Relieves stress and depression
    • Uplifts your mood
    • Promotes emotional wellness
    • Improves mental functioning

    Spiritual Frankincense Benefits:

    • Antidepressant, relieves stress, and relieves negative emotions
    • Improve memory
    • Comforting properties
    • Powerful spiritual cleanser
    • Powerful herb for attraction
    • Helps prepares you receive blessings of abundance and love
    • Helps you feel calm and spiritually connected

    Spiritual Jasmine Benefits:

    • Reduces anxiety, panic attacks, depression
    • Symbolize beauty and sensuality
    • Represents good luck & appreciation
    • Speaks of love and invokes positive energy
    • Renews the spirit

    How to use:

    • Close your eyes. Inhale the aromas while setting the intention.
    • Visualize stepping into your power & invoking the divine feminine energies.
    • Visualize your heart expanding its light bigger & bigger.
    • Rub on palms, temples, behind the ears, back of neck.
    • Carry on the magickal energies throughout your day to apply as felt.

      Vendor : Self Goddess