SET of 5 Olive Young Honey Overnight Acne & Pimple Spot Patch 84pcs/box (420pcs)

Product Description
HK$519.00 HK$545.00


  • Olive Young


  • Korea


  • 84pcs/box (10mm 60ea + 12mm 24ea) 
  • x 5 boxes (Total 420 pcs)


  • These small adhesive patches speed up the drying and healing process of acne spots, absorbing sebum and pus inside the spots. It fits perfectly and matches with skin tone.
  • Also, it creates a breathable protective barrier to prevent further infection and inflammation.
  • Intensive Care: Ideal for overnight treatment, Acne Spot Dressing contains Hydrocolloid adhesive to absorb exudates from acne and promotes healthy skin.
  • Protection: A comfortable sterile wet dressing maintains a moist environment for enhanced acne care.
  • It consists of a hypoallergenic adhesive with an outer impermeable cover film to protect from direct contact with external contaminants.

How to use:

  • Clean and dry the skin and hands thoroughly, pull apart the cutting film and remove an acne dressing from the film. 
  • Place on the acne area, fix tightly by pressing on the rim.
  • Acne dressing might turns white and swell, indicating absorption of secretion.
  • Leave the acne dressing for minimum 4 hours or overnight, allow it sinks slowly over time. 5. Gently lift off from the edge.

Vendor : Olive Young