Award Winner NHShow USA Tadpole Tape Cutter USA 3 Pack Combo Dispenser

Product Description
HK$85.00 HK$139.00


  • Tadpole Tape Cutter


  • United States 
  • We do not ship this product to US due to agreement with the manufacturer.


  • 3 Combo Dispenser
  • Size:
  • Width 1 Inch Tadpole x 1
  • Width 1.5 Inch Tadpole x 1
  • Width 2 Inch Tadpole x 1


  • This tape cutter belongs in every toolbox or junk drawer. It takes the frustration out of paint jobs, moving, or any project that requires tape.
  • Cuts your tape neat and square, and keeps the end from getting stuck on the roll!
  • Tadpole fits snugly on the tape roll, neatly slicing off pieces of tape evenly—and easily.
  • Flexible bungee fits securely around all tape roll sizes.
  • Strong and durable blade cuts cleanly and evenly.
  • Compatible with the following tape types (choose based on your tape width): Electrical, duct, masking, bunker, painters, automotive, and framers/art gallery tapes.
  • Ideal for moving, packing, shipping, and painting projects.
  • Lightweight and easy to use design fits right onto your tape roll.
  • Choose the right size depending on the tape you’re using. And when you’re done move tadpole to a new roll.
  • Note: Not yet compatible with traditional "present wrapping" clear, thin tape.

How to use:

  • Attach with shock cord.
  • Pull back to advance tape.
  • Press-cut Tape at Angle.