SET of 6 TrueZoo USA Dog Drink Charms

Product Description
HK$89.00 HK$189.00


  • TrueZoo


  • United States


  • Includes 6 different colors
  • Each charm measures 1.25 inches
  • Materials: Safe Silicone


  • Keep other peoples paws off your glass with this set of six doggie drink charms.
  • Keep your drink on a short leash and in the hands of the right owner. Now there's something worth wagging your tail over!
  • These furry friends are always curious to see what's in your cup, whether it's wine, juice or milk. With six markers, there's enough dogtitude to go around. 
  • Includes 6 different colors.
  • Dishwasher safe silicone.
  • Fit on glasses, cans and stemware!

How to use:

  • Each wine charm has 2 strong magnets. One is attached to the charm, and a second one attaches inside the glass, right behind the other.The magnets are very strong. They will not come off until you take them off.

Vendor : TrueZoo