Foellie Inner Beauty Feminine Perfume (Cherry Blossom) 5ml

Product Description


  • Foellie


  • Korea


  • 5ml


  • Spring Edition - Cherry Blossom.
  • Sweet fragrance with an elegant and deep-loving sensation. 
    • Made with 6 herb extracts and 6 vegetable oils.
    • Keeps the intimate areas clean and maintains a healthy PH balance.
    • Inner Perfume has an antibacterial effect and reduces overall stress while removing unwanted odors and leaving a refreshing sensation.
    • Prevents vaginitis, reduces harmful bacteria, and deodorizes unpleasant body odors. 
    • Contain no high-risk 8-grade fragrance (Allergy-free)

    How to use:

    • Daily: Drop it one or two times onto the underwear.
    • During menstrual: Drop one or two times on the sanitary napkin.

    Vendor : Foellie