Gel Hut Mun White Clear Nose Gel Mask (Remove Blackheads) 22g

Product Description


  • Gel Hut Mun White


  • Thailand


  • 22g 


  • A gel mask that removes acnes, whiteheads, as well as blackheads in no time. This can be used all over our skin.

  • This has a minty scent that will ensure you feel good when applying to your complexion.

  • It is held in a 22g container and is packed together with sheets that serve as the strip.

  • This gel is 100% effective. After peeling the strip, you can see the blackheads stuck on the paper.
  • The ingredients are natural. No worry of any side effects when applied to your face.
  • This removes acnes and blackheads over a short period of time after first use.
  • This 22g bottle can be used up to 20 times.

How to use:

  • Wash face/nose area with warm water where the strips are to be applied.
  • The Cream is in solid form. You can either soap the whole bottle into a container with hot water. 
  • After the cream is melt into liquid form, you can start applying on your nose.
  • Apply just a very thin amount of Clear Nose Solid Cream over the face area. 
  • Place the Clear Nose Mask sheet over your nose and/or other face area. 
  • Allow it to stick until dry for about 8 minutes or less or just enough not to hurt when removed. 
  • Pull back up the paper.



    Vendor : Gel Hut Mun