Korea Devilkin Hyaluronic Acid 90% Peptides Water-Locking Ampoule 250ml

Product Description


  • Korea Devilkin


  • Korea


  • 250ml


  • 7 kinds of hyaluronic acid, strong concentration and hydration, for full and glow skin! 
  • Adding 3 kinds of peptides, trehalose and reservoir factors to moisturize and calm skin. Let’s add this mask in your daily care steps, and maintain a stable skin state through four seasons!
  • 7 kinds of hyaluronic acid: It can absorb water more than ten times its own weight, improve the moisturizing ability of the skin base to the surface, form a moisture protective film, and soothe loose and rough skin.
  • Water-locking: Contains 3 kinds of vital peptides, trehalose panthenol, allantoin and reservoir factors to promote metabolism, strengthen and repair skin.

How to use:

  • Apply a small amount of the product evenly to the skin after cleansing and toner step.
  • Then, message gently.

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