LOOY Korea Anti Fog Microfiber Eyeglasses Wipe Cloth 1pc

Product Description


  • LOOY


  • Korea


  • 1 pc
  • Wipe Cloth size: 19cm x 14cm


  • Better anti-fog performance than similar products!
  • LOOY is a dedicated cleaning cloth that provides a coating function on glasses to prevent misting that is likely to occur when wearing face masks.
  • Rub your eyeglass with LOOY to form a coating which prevents moisture formed on glasses surface
  • Anti-fog coating lasts for 8-12 hours with durability of approximately 200 uses.
  • Made of ultra-fine fibers and free of scratches on the lens surface, it is perfect for digital cameras, cellular phones, glasses and jewelry.
  • Suitable for normal eyewear, safety goggles, and camera lenses.
  • Soft texture and Easy to carry.
  • Do not wash. Avoid using under high temp. and moist environment.

How to use:

  • Lightly apply force to the LOOY and wipe the glasses for 10-20 seconds.

Vendor : LOOY