Medipeel Moisturizing Melanon X Whitening Cream (Reduce Pigmented Skin) 30ml

Product Description


  • Medipeel


  • Korea


  • 30ml


  • A whitening cream formulated with an exotic blend of ingredients to reduce melanin production and the look of freckles.
  • To brighten and reduce pigmented skin.
  • The cream can powerfully whiten skin, improve sallow dull complexion and prevent formation and pigmentation of melanin.
  • Prevent light damage from irritating skin redness, reducing redness by nearly 40% under the same light.
  • Doesn’t contain fragrance and alcohol, and its texture is refreshing and easy to absorb.

How to use:

  • Use at the last stage of skin care.
  • Take an appropriate amount and apply onto desired areas (or the entire face) thinly.

Vendor : Medipeel