Via Mercato Italy Relaxing Primavera Petite Reed Diffuser (Spring Flowers) 50g

Product Description


  • Via Mercato


  • Italy


  • 50g


  • Diffuse delicate, long-lasting fragrance into any room with our petite reed diffusers.
  • Designed to accompany the other gifts in the collection to form a fantastic mini collection or to be shared on its own.
  • A delicious spring bouquet of jasmine, rose and iris sparkles with notes of citrus and fruit warmed in an earthy amber finish.
  • Spring Blossom Collection is a tribute to the wonderful delights that Spring and Summer bring.
  • Vibrant colors dance alongside fresh, sparkling fragrances. We've brought this luxurious collection together to create thoughtful gifts that are perfect for any occasion.

How to use:

  • To enhance or dim the intensity, simply change the number of aroma sticks & the scent will follow. 
  • Perfect for decorating home, Office, bathroom, bedroom and anywhere you want.

Vendor : Via Mercato